Bowel cancer: What do my results mean?

Most people who take the test will receive a negative result which means no further investigation is needed. You will receive another test from Qured in a year but should still see your GP if you develop any symptoms before then. 

If blood is detected in your stool sample, you will receive a positive result. This will be discussed in an appointment with a Qured doctor. A positive result does not necessarily mean you have bowel cancer. The bleeding could be caused by a non-cancerous growth or another health problem. You will be referred for more tests, such as a colonoscopy, to find out what is causing the bleeding. A colonoscopy involves inserting a thin tube with a camera into your bottom to look for signs of bowel cancer.

It is important to be aware of the symptoms of bowel cancer even if you have a negative result. No screening test is 100% accurate and a negative result does not guarantee that you do not have bowel cancer, or that you will not develop it in the future. However, regular screening does maximise the chances of picking up cancer at an early stage, when there’s a good chance of successful treatment.

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